Perlan Sierra WRF EMS model

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Perlan Sierra Nevada WRF Mesoscale Model

WeatherExtreme runs the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model from his home every six hours. Two nested domains have been configured to forecast high altitude soaring potential for the Perlan Project in the Sierra Nevada. The output from each run can be viewed on this page. The outer domain has a resolution of approximately 11km, the inner domain has a resolution of 3.7km, and the model is initialized with boundary conditions from the Global Forecast System Model (G). Details of the model parameters are given below:




                                     WRF REAL program         WRF ARW core



     System Name                                Scheduled Processors


       perlan                    :          03                     03


     Total Processors            :          03                     03

     Domain Decomposition        :        Internal                 Internal



     Active Domains                  Domain 01                    Domain 02



     Domain & Run Information


       Domain Type               :  Limited Area                 Limited Area             

       Primary Time Step         :  45 Seconds                   15 Seconds               

       Grid dimensions (NX x NY) :  141 x 140                    127 x 178                

       Vertical Layers (NZ)      :  45                           45                        

       Grid Spacing              :  9.00 km                      3.00 km                  

       Top of Model Atmosphere   :  20mb                         20mb                     

       Parent Domain             :  NA                           Domain 01                

       Nesting Feedback          :  Feedback Off                 Feedback Off             



     Timing Information


       Start Date                :  2015 May 06 00:00 UTC        2015 May 06 00:00 UTC    

       End Date                  :  2015 May 08 00:00 UTC        2015 May 08 00:00 UTC    

       Simulation Length         :  48 Hours                     48 Hours                 

       Boundry Update Freq       :  03 Hours



     Data Output Information


       File Output Freq          :  01 Hour                      01 Hour                  

       Output File Format        :  netCDF                       netCDF                   

       Adjust Output Times       :  Yes                          Yes                       



     Model Physics


       Cumulus Scheme            :  Kain-Fritsch                 None                     

       KF Trigger Function       :  Moisture Advection           Moisture Advection       

       Shallow Cumulus Scheme    :  Off                          Off                      

       Microphysics Scheme       :  Lin et al. 5-Class SM        Lin et al. 5-Class SM    

       PBL Scheme                :  Yonsei University            Yonsei University        

       YSU Wind Correction       :  No Wind Correction           No Wind Correction       

       Land Surface Scheme       :  Noah 4-Layer LSM             Noah 4-Layer LSM         

       Number Land Categories    :  24 (USGS)                    24 (USGS)                

       Number Soil Categories    :  16                           16                       

       Number Soil Layers        :  4                            4                        

       Surface Layer Physics     :  Monin-Obukhov                Monin-Obukhov            

       M-O Heat and Moisture     :  Surface Fluxes On            Surface Fluxes On        

       Long Wave Radiation       :  Dudhia RRTM                  Dudhia RRTM              

       Short Wave Radiation      :  Dudhia RRTM                  Dudhia RRTM              

       Short Wave Scattering     :  1 x10-5 m2/kg                1 x10-5 m2/kg            

       Cloud Effects             :  Cloud Effects On             Cloud Effects On          

       Slope Radiation Effects   :  No Slope Effects             No Slope Effects         

       Topography Shading        :  No Shading Effects           No Shading Effects       

       Fractional Sea Ice        :  Off                          Off                      

       Wind Turbine Drag Input File :  "none"                       "none"                



     ARW Core Model Dynamics


       Dynamics                  :  Non-Hydrostatic              Non-Hydrostatic          

       Gravity Wave Drag         :  Off                          Off                      

       Time-Integration Scheme   :  Runge-Kutta 3rd Order        Runge-Kutta 3rd Order    

       Diffusion Sheme           :  Simple Diffusion             Simple Diffusion          

       6th-order Diffusion       :  6th-Order W/O Up-Gradient    6th-Order W/O Up-Gradient

       6th-order Diffusion Rate  :  0.12                         0.12                     

       Eddy Coefficient Scheme   :  2D 1st Order Closure         2D 1st Order Closure     

       Damping Option            :  No Damping                   No Damping               

       W Damping                 :  W Damping On                 W Damping On             

       Horiz Momentum Advection  :  5th Order                    5th Order                

       Horiz Scalar Advection    :  5th Order                    5th Order                

       Vert Momentum Advection   :  3rd Order                    3rd Order                

       Vert Scalar Advection     :  3rd Order                    3rd Order                

       Sound Time Step Ratio     :  Automatic                    Automatic                

       Moisture Advection Option :  Positive-Definite            Positive-Definite        

       Scalar Advection Option   :  Positive-Definite            Positive-Definite        

       Momentum Advection Option :  Positive-Definite            Positive-Definite        

       TKE Advection Option      :  Positive-Definite            Positive-Definite        

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